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Tonica van der Meer, Brazil

Portrait of Tonica van der Meer

Tonica is Brazilian, from a Dutch Background. She worked at a shop, as Registrar and Notary, and later as a Secretary at the Dutch Embassy in Brasilia for 3 years. She served for 2 years as secretary for Wycliffe Bible Translators in Brasília. She was active as secretary, staff and training secretary with the Brazilian student movement ABU – linked to IFES. For ten years she served as missionary in Angola (Marxist government, during the war). She has a lot of contact with human suffering from violence and all sorts of human needs. She served as assistant to the General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance, taught at several Seminaries and Bible Schools, visited the victims of the war in the hospitals, and helped to organize a student movement in Angola and Mozambique. She returned to Brazil, after training those who would continue her ministry. She came to serve as Teacher and Principal of the Evangelical Missions Center (EMC) in Viçosa, Brazil, since 1996. She served as a member of the Executive Committee of IFES for 9 years and as the International Committee for Interserve for 5 years. At the moment she is Dean of Students and Coordinator for Development of the EMC. She is part of Interserve Brazil, since we started a sending office, in August 2003.

She studied Languages (a BA in Portuguese and English), did a Diploma in Missions Course at All Nations Christian College in the UK, a Masters in Theology at the Baptist Theological Faculty in São Paulo and a Doctorate in Missiology in the Philippines, at the Asia Graduate School of Theology.

She has published some books in Portuguese (Inductive Bible Study books for ABU), her own story as an encouragement for those considering missionary service Eu, um Missionário? And a book based on her doctorate, called Missionários Feridos (missionaries who are hurt). She has written articles for several WEA, Mission Commission books, for the Brazilian version of Perspectives, for the Atlas of Global Christianity, as well as for the Connections magazine, for the magazine of the Brazilian Association of Mission Teachers, for Ultimato Magazine and others.