Christianity today address

Where is Christianity Today located?


Is Christianity Today a 501c3?

CHRISTIANITY TODAY INTERNATIONAL, fiscal year ending Dec. 2017

Organization zip code60188-2415
Professional fundraising fees ($)33,000
Organization cityCAROL STREAM
Tax code designation501(c)(3)
Ruling date of organization’s tax exempt status1958-11-01

Is Christianity Today a non profit?

Christianity Today is a nonprofit , global media ministry centered on Beautiful Orthodoxy – strengthening the church by richly communicating the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful gospel.

How much is a subscription to Christianity Today?

$19.99. If you purchase the auto-renewing offer, your subscription will renew at the end of the current term.

What are the 5 basic beliefs of Christianity?

Its points include: Belief in God the Father, Jesus Christ as the Son of God , and the Holy Spirit. The death, descent into hell, resurrection and ascension of Christ. The holiness of the Church and the communion of saints. Christ’s second coming, the Day of Judgement and salvation of the faithful.

What are some contemporary challenges and issues related to religion?

However, some face a unique set of challenges in society as a result of their religious beliefs. Religion and mental health Anxiety. Depression. Guilt and shame. Substance abuse. Trauma. Low self-esteem. Self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

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