Zodiac signs and christianity

Are zodiac signs biblical?

Believe it or not, these signs tell the story of the Gospel, just as it is written in the Bible . If you asked a Christian astrologer, many will say that horoscopes were meant to bring us to salvation. Astrology is not a religion. It’s a study of self through the learning of the universe and astrological seasons.

Are zodiac signs a sin?

There is absolutely nothing sinful about astrology . As for “ horoscopes ” you refer to, I assume you mean the daily, weekly or monthly sun sign columns in newspapers, magazines or on the Internet. They are made for entertainment only, they don’t have any value at all – so as a consequence they cannot be sinful either.

Are zodiac signs related to religion?

The history of the zodiac is based on the Chinese calendar, which is associated with Chinese astrology and ancient religion . One of the religions that influenced the zodiac was Taoism.

Which zodiac sign is more evil?

Cancers can be very violent. Scorpios and Pisces are also quite irritable. The FBI website says Cancers are the most dangerous criminals of all of the zodiac signs, followed by Tauruses. Sagittarius comes third followed by Aries.

What Zodiac is Jesus?


What zodiac sign is God?

Capricorn has more than one God from Greek mythology that it represents, but the most exciting story associated with the Capricorn zodiac is the story of Amalthea and Zeus. At one point in time, Zeus, the God of thunder and the ruler of the Gods, was born.

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Are zodiac signs true?

The signs of the zodiac have existed for hundreds of thousands of years. They are ancient signs that people have looked to for guidance. There are those who dismiss astrology as false, but the truth is that the signs of the zodiac do have some value to them.

Are zodiac signs true to your personality?

Although zodiac signs are not an exact science-and there’s no actual proof to defend the skies’ link to our personalities -there’s no harm in believing in them, as they help us to understand the ideas during ancient times while encouraging self confidence.

Is Zodiac signs a sin in Islam?

Those who say astrology is Shirk ( sin) in Islam , may read a Muslim astrologer’s view here .. Astrology and Zodiac etc. all are handiwork of Satan, again to distract and deviate mankind from the remembrance of Allah S.W.T.

Is astrology older than religion?

“Throughout the scriptures used in most cultures there are references to the stars. Astrology is thousands of years old and most religions come from the same roots. So we find that these astrological themes are repeated over many religions .

Is Taurus religious?

Taurus : Taurus is a sign that can be really fanatic about something, including religion . Their faith isn’t about harmony of ratio and belief – if they believe in something they do it fully or don’t do it at all. They are very enthusiastic when it comes to religion and often take the initiative.

Are Scorpios religious?

A Scorpio has to truly believe in something to commit to it, and when they do, they commit 100%. Many Scorpio find themselves as spiritual leaders, as other people admire their commitment to dogma. Scorpio believes that religion and spirituality can be passionate and intense, and wants to “feel” their spirituality.

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What’s the kindest zodiac sign?


Which zodiac sign is innocent?


Which zodiac sign is more loyal?

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) They are known for being one of the zodiac signs that are the most loyal partners and they are particular about who they love and spend their time with.

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