How was european imperial expansion related to the spread of christianity

How did European imperial expansion help spread Christianity?

How was European imperial expansion related to the spread of Christianity ? Christianity motivated European imperial expansion and also benefited from it. Missionaries, mostly Catholic, actively spread the Christian message beyond European communities in the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Why did missionary efforts spread Christianity?

Why were missionary efforts to spread Christianity so much less successful in China than in Spanish America? Missionaries to China deliberately sought to convert the official Chinese elite, while missionaries to Spanish America sought to convert the masses. 4.

How was religion related to European empire building abroad?

Crusading traditions led movement overseas . Expansion = religious conversion. Conquest of American Empires and what followed – disease, population collapse, loss of land to Europeans , forced labor, & resettlement into smaller villages – created ideal setting for religion of victors ( Christianity ).

In what ways did the spread of Christianity Islam and modern science give rise to culturally based conflicts?

In what ways did the spread of Christianity , Islam, and modern science give rise to culturally based conflicts ? Christianity , a monotheistic religion, was often opposed by local populations who worked to blend Christian and indigenous religious traditions and assimilate Christianity into local cultures.

How did the Protestant Reformation transform European society?

Thesis: The Protestant Reformation transformed the European society in many ways such as convincing the people to put faith in the Bible instead of the church, Catholic church losing control over the people, and many equal merit vocations into people’s way of life.

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Why did the scientific revolution occur in Europe and not in China?

China was dominant in East Asia. Therefore, it did not have to worry about taking every advantage that it could to get ahead or stay ahead. This meant that it could reject science without harming its position. For this reason, the Scientific Revolution arose in Europe and not China .

What were the long term causes of the Protestant Reformation?

The most global, short term effect of the reformation was the reevaluation of beliefs, and, as a result, the loss of authority of the Holy Roman Empire. The long term effects were : the emergence of new heretical movements, the declining of papacy, thus the reevaluation of people’s view on the church and life values.

How did the Reformation strengthen the power of monarchy?

How did the reformation strengthen the power of monarchy ? Rulers became more independent of the pope.

What is the pope’s response to criticism of church practices?

His actions started the Reformation. A corrupt Pope who began to sell indulgences to raise money to rebuild St. Peter’s Church in Rome. He tried to get Luther to recant his criticisms of the church and condemned him as an outlaw and a heretic.

Why did Europeans want to spread Christianity in the Americas?

Why did Europeans want to spread Christianity in the Americas ? They believed that God wanted them to convert other peoples. They realized that American Indians were dying from disease and overwork.

What factors drove the European demand for furs from North America and Siberia?

1. What factors drove the European demand for Furs from North America and Siberia ? 4. The prices of fur skyrocketed, high demand , small amounts. Natives became dependent on European Markets. Increased warfare(Among Natives) motivated by competition for furs . Intro of diseases. Intro of Alcohol → disruption of society.

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What were the major features of Chinese empire building?

What were the major features of Chinese empire building in the early modern era? 1. Chinese empire building vastly enlarged the territorial size of China and brought a number of non- Chinese people into the kingdom. 2.It was driven largely by security concerns.

In what ways did religious changes in Asia and the Middle East parallel those of Europe?

1) Parallel – Confucianism and Buddhism was same as Martin Luther teaching in Europe because they promoted a moral and religious individualism. 2) Differences – in China they study the past, in Europe they study natural world. Cultural change in China was less dramatic than in Europe .

What kinds of cultural changes occurred in China and India during the early modern era?

China and India changed culturally in a religious way with the growth of Sikhism in India , the alterations of Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism, and the changes of standards for men in both countries.

Which Enlightenment figure formulated laws that accounted for the operation of the economy?

Enlightenment thinkers focused on human affairs, not just the physical universe. Which enlightenment figure formulated laws that accounted for the operation of the economy ? Adam Smith. Which of the following statements best describes the world of Christianity in 1500?

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